Covid-19 Safeguarding Measures

Due to the current C-19 situation and while local infection rates are still high, the church has decided that for all its own events there will be no change to the C-19 mitigation measures previously in place. This includes hand sanitising on entry/leaving, masks/face coverings worn while inside the premises, social distancing, good ventilation and cleaning down touch points (door handles, chairs etc) on vacating the premises. Track and trace information is also being maintained either using the church QR code or a register.

The church is asking all users of the premises to do likewise. We appreciate there is no legal or government back up and some individuals may choose to assert their “right” to do otherwise. Our objective is to return to as near normal community use of our premises as possible within the parameter of keeping all users as C-19 safe as possible. As we are in uncharted territory we will be keeping these policies under review. If it proves necessary we will assert our “rights” as owners of the premises although with everybody’s co-operation we do not envisage that situation arising.

Assuming the above C-19 mitigation measures are adopted (with seating at 1 meter distancing) the capacity of the large hall is (currently) 50 and the small hall is 15. This should allow for a clear space at the front for a demonstrator/speaker.

(Eric Anning)